Parasites – opening a can of worms

Nobody wants to talk about parasites! But parasite cleansing can be a useful way to improve our health.

Our modern day lifestyles in the Western world can make us more vulnerable to parasites. Antibiotics can weaken our immune systems, while sugar and carbohydrates can feed parasites. You are unlikely to receive a formal diagnosis for parasites. A stool sample is said to be an unreliable diagnostic tool for parasite detection. Renowned parasitologist, Dr Yu, says in his book:

“Why are parasite problems overlooked? First, most of the parasites have very complex life cycles that are often outside of the intestinal tract. Second, we only look at stool samples. Third, stool samples are old and semi-destroyed when collected and sent to the lab. Stool samples should be fresh. Fourth, most laboratory technicians and pathologists don’t have enough training to recognize ova and parasites in the stool.” Accidental Cure Dr Simom Yu

The renowned functional medicine practitioner, Andrew Johnson, told me:

“Parasites are the medical profession’s best kept secret.”

Perhaps it is because we fear them so much. We would go to any length to deny that we might harbour parasites. In reality, it would seem that we all carry them to a degree.

One of my favourite functional medicine practitioners is German-born Dr Klinghardt. I really wanted to see this doctor but, alas, he doesn’t take new clients these days. Rather, he tours internationally and gives seminars. Much of what he advocates is rooted in treating parasites. In his presentations, he ties in various alternative therapies to reduce the body’s burden of these unwelcome guests. Like so many alternative practitioners, he rarely advocates the use of pharmaceutical medications, but has been quoted to say that anti-parasite meds are the exception and usually are a necessary component in improving chronic illnesses.

Some of the most common types of parasites are microscopic. These can include D.Fragilis and Blastocystis Hominis, and can cause some of the symptoms of IBS. We can carry many different kinds of parasites.

It is common for us to treat our animals for parasites, but not ourselves. In many countries of the world, this has always been routinely done using various natural anti-parasite herbs. However, in Western culture, we have evaded this practice and, perhaps, we should start to introduce it into our lifestyles.
Two of the most common herbs to use are black walnut and cloves. Many natural remedies contain these ingredients. However, many people argue that more is needed. A famous biologist, Dr Hulda Clark, developed several techniques for eradicating parasites, including her ‘zapper’. This is an electrical healing device which works by electrocuting pathogens:

“The Zapper ‘electrocutes’ small pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus and other toxins. It does not need to have a specific frequency to do this, as it is, contrary to a frequency generator, frequency-independent.”

Parasites appear to be extremely persistent organisms. Despite numerous therapies to treat them, many people complain that they always return. It is evident that a person’s immune system needs strengthening to control the parasites. This process can take time and usually requires lifestyle changes, including diet, as well as the re-population of beneficial bacteria in the gastro intestinal (GI) tract. A helpful tool is fermented food and yogurts, which contain high levels of probiotics. Learn more about this in my post about macrophage activating yogurt that you can make at home!





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