Nutritional Therapy

Louise Pascoe Nutritional Therapist with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Did you know that many people are suffering from malnutrition in England and America, despite not being underweight? Many reasons are responsible for this problem, including insufficient nutrients in our diet, as well as chronic health conditions leading to malabsorption in the intestines.

As we grow older, we find it harder to extract the nutrients we need from our foods. Sometimes, we need to supplement these nutrients to assist our body. By performing a Nutritional Assessment, I can:

• Detect probable nutrient deficiencies and genetic methylation issues, malabsorption, bacterial overgrowth and IBS.

• Work with any existing diagnosed health conditions to help improve your health.

• Formulate personalised dietary strategies and food plans to help them.

• Assess your antioxidant capacity and suggest nutritional recommendations to increase your antioxidant protection.

I am now offering the unique opportunity to use Bioresonance Technology as a diagnostic tool. A cutting-edge technology used throughout Europe and America, with amazing results, bioresonance works as follows:

  “Each process occurring in the body, or each part of the body, has an individual, specific electromagnetic property. These characteristics will be captured and measured by laser frequency (called bioresonance) and compared automatically with the graph of the recommended norm. When diseased, they change their frequency. Studies have proven that the device picks up the individual frequencies of the many electromagnetic pulses of the different parts of the body. These pulses are read from the brain by laser frequency through earphones placed on the patient’s head. The process has no harmful effects. Any pathological changes and every deviation from the norm, determined by a panel of expert physicians, provide a strictly defined energy spectrum.”

Bioresonance and nutritional therapy work synergistically with each other.
By using both therapies together, one can gain a reliable diagnostic strategy as well as developing a personal and individualised programme to improve lifestyle and health.

Book an appointment today with Louise and take a step closer to a new, more vibrant and thriving you.

Initial consultation is for 60 minutes and costs £45.00.
Follow up appointments to assess progress take 45 minutes and cost £40.00.

Bioresonance Technology Body Scan is available to new clients at the promotional offer of £79.00. This appointment is for minimum of 90 mins.

Skype appointments are available for your convenience. Please use the CONTACT form.

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