My Protocol, Biofilm and Me.

The information in the post is not medical advice, please consult a medical professional before using health supplements.

It’s been a while since I published my protocol, and seeing as I have found quite the ‘magic combo’ for treating Morgellons and Lyme Disease, I felt it was time…

I have tried many protocols over the years, and made many mistakes. There are some medications that just don’t agree with me, but at times I have pushed my body too hard, sometimes endangering myself to stick to a protocol.

One of the medications that I just can’t seem to tolerate is Doxycycline, which is annoying as it’s common in Lyme and MD protocols. Doxy was the first medication I was prescribed when I started on this health trip, a tour that would often take me down paths I really should not have wandered down.

I was prescribed Doxy by the Medical Director at Breakspear Medical, a private clinic that treats Lyme Disease, around seven years ago when I visited the clinic for help with MD. I was prescribed an unusually high dosage, in what was the hottest summer on British records. Little did I know, that Doxy can make a person photosensitive and my skin burnt in the shade that year and I was covered in painful and unsightly blisters. Doxy is also hard on the gut, and I suffered with vomiting episodes regularly. My histamine response was through the roof which made me itch to the point of near insanity and such was the die off of pathogens it made my thumbnails go brown and fall off. I was a physical and emotional roadkill on that Doxy trip.

That was my introduction to healing, and as I look back I realise that healing was not what it was, it was torture and should never have been endowed upon me. I can only imagine the practitioner who prescribed to me had very little comprehension of how serious a twenty four year Morgellons infection could possibly be, though I did try to tell her. I was later diagnosed with Lyme (Borrelia Burgdorferi) and other co-infections of Lyme (which for the sake of simple grammatical correctness, which is not by any means my forte but I just HAVE to point out, is NOT spelt Lymes). 

My Lyme Diagnosis was in Germany through the BCA clinic, they use Armin Labs. The BCA at this time had begun to advertise that they ‘treated’ MD, but upon my first appointment I was informed that actually they did not yet know anything about MD, but were going to after visiting a conference in the USA. This was all in an almost £3,000 trip. The revered clinician from the BCA did not even make our second appointment, he apparently had a cold.

After the extortionate bill to get diagnosed, I did not have the funds for treatment at the BCA, and they were absolutely clueless about MD so I was left to get on with self medicating.

Still in the belief that Doxy was the drug of choice, and that my lack of progress was just my lack of commitment, I continued with it.

You see so many of my infections, the Lyme, the MD, the Cytomegalovirus (CMV), the Mycoplasma, the Chlamydia Pneumoniae, the Rickettsiae and the later diagnosis of the Fry Protozoa (FL1953) where supposedly all susceptible to Doxy. I soldiered on, until when living in the States, I got incredibly sick and eventually experienced a respiratory arrest.

I stopped Doxy and within days felt like a different person. I realised that my immune system did a better job than that vile drug. But alas it was a matter of time before all my infections began to take a hold on me again, it took me another four years or more, and one more attempt at Doxy (it’s also affordable and available without prescription, making it the top of many peoples list), before I concluded without a doubt it was not the drug for me.

By this time I had Bioresonance on my side, and using this I could clearly see that the Doxy was triggering genetic issues relating to my heart, and after stopping it, these problems settled down. This time there was no doubt in my mind, sadly doubting one’s mind seems a common condition too.

Its Personal

My point is that what works for some may not work for you. Your protocol is yours, listen to your body. Experiment, but do it professionally. Always check drug interactions online, there are many easy to use websites, and ALWAYS start slow, never start with the maximum dose no matter what a practitioner or forum user may suggest to you. 

You are the master of your mind, body AND soul. Do not underestimate how toxic the people around you can be also. If necessary, you CAN do this alone.

Bioresonance Diagnostic Technology

I have included here some of my Bioresonance observations also, though my files are very detailed, and impossible to fully communicate in one post. A further more detailed post about my results will follow.

I use the Hunter 4025 Bioresonance Machine, predominantly for diagnostic purposes. In my opinion it is too subtle to be relied upon for therapeutic purposes, unless used ‘aggressively’ i.e. daily or at very least a few times a week. 

Three Core Meds

I no longer take a lot of medications, my attempts at herbal remedies have failed as I am a self confessed scatter brain and not consistent enough. I also have to avoid tinctures due to the alcohol content, and the fact that on Disulfiram, alcohol is avoided at ALL costs. So some herbs that I usually take such as Artemisinin I have omitted for now.

Regardless, I have found much more progress made with the three core pharma meds, than I feel I have made before, though this may not mean I find long term relief. Only time will tell, and on that subject this is my third month on Disulfiram. Second month on Fenbendazole and Fifth week taking Terbinafine.

To Understand Me is to Understand Biofilm.

To help I have used someone who knows better than I to convey the meaning of biofilm:

‘Wherever the body has a tube or cavity, biofilms can colonize. Fibromyalgia may be a biofilm infection of the lymph system. Epithelial cells line the tubes and may be infected. The gut is filled with biofilms. Circulatory system plaques are biofilms, some of the same microbes are found there and in dental plaques. The respiratory tract, urinary tract, ear system cavities, sinus, tonsils and adenoids, vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes may be infected by biofilm colonies. Amniotic fluid during pregnancy often is not sterile; it can be infected by biofilms. The plaques of Alzheimer’s might have a biofilm brain-infection cause. Spinal stenosis, bone spurs, TB and Sarcoidosis lesions (granulomas), arthritic calcifications, and benign tumors (fibromas) are biofilms. The biofilms block the effect of antibiotics by attenuation factors of over 1000, protecting the colony residents. Lysing enzymes can attack the structures, but the IBM hydrogels offer an exciting alternative to be researched. For successful treatment, the biofilm must be dissolved.’

Katherine Poehlmann, Ph.D.

For ease I use the terms Ropeworm and Biofilm together, Ropeworm is a kind of Biofilm that appears to have a parasitic aspect to it and become more than the sum of it’s parts.

Ropeworm has been only partly studied, funding for further research is ongoing. Ropeworm can be found inhabiting some of us who have Lyme Disease and symptoms of Morgellons Disease. Known as the ‘Human Intestinal Rope Parasite’, due to its distinctive rope-like structure. It also inhabits muscle tissue, organs and pretty much anywhere it wants to go. Biofilm is a community of pathogens, housed in a slimy substance called an extracellular matrix also referred to as the ECM, composed of a complex mixture of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids (extracellular-DNA), and polysaccharides which ensures that these pathogens are protected. They also communicate, through what is termed Quorum-sensing. To treat them requires clever combinations of medications, and even disrupting their method of communication. A biofilm specialist, Randal Woolcot who runs the Southwest Regional Wound Care Center in Lubbock, Texas remarks that;

“The secret is remembering that bacteria are social, not solitary. “Biofilms are not what we learned in microbiology,” Wolcott says. “To treat them in the short term, we need biocides [xylitol, lactoferrin, antibiotics] in combination. You have to use them at the same time, not sequentially. Quorum-sensing inhibitors are the long-term solution.”

Xylitol has been experimented with as a biofilm ‘buster’ in the realms of Lyme and Co-Infection treatment, as has another plant based sweetener stevia, and perhaps its Lactoferrin in the Whey Protein that has been showing good results regarding the recent removal of Ropeworm since adding it to my protocol. There are a variety of biofilm busters, this article from Marshall Protocol has some great information on how Biofilms grow and how they can be eradicated using combinations of products.

In the 2016 scientific report from the Journal of Medical and Surgical Biology, they studied arterial plaque and discovered multiple pathogens contributing to biofilms:

‘Lipids have long been considered to be the major focus of atherosclerosis, but our recent work suggests that biofilms, because of their ability to help induce a chronic inflammatory state, may be another determinant of the progression of atherosclerosis’

My Current Protocol

Monday to Friday.

Around 9am I take: 

Mimosa Pudica capsules x3 or x4 

  •  This is for Ropeworm/Biofilm as I find it’s quite active in the morning. Mimosa P is very effective in removal of intestinal parasites predominantly through the extremely sticky gel like consistency when added to liquids. This physically removes unwanted parasites whilst the other beneficial properties work to detox the gut and enhance immunity:

‘Phytochemical studies on M. pudica have revealed the presence of alkaloids, non-protein amino acid (mimosine), flavonoids C-glycosides, sterols, terpenoids, tannins, and fatty acids’.

I fast until midday, as I feel intermittent fasting is something that suits me. I have begun breaking my fast with grass fed Whey protein shakes – this and or yogurt I find useful for swallowing tablets with, as I am SO over swallowing tablets. After getting some genetic reports done through, I was reminded that my body especially neededed Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), and as I have a connective tissue disorder known as EDS. I figured that Whey Protein was a good investment, I also add half a measure of Collagen Protein Hydrolysate to the shake – initially I started taking this to support thyroid function but I think it has many nutritional benefits. I suspect the cause of connective tissue disorders may be linked to the amount of biofilm in the body – is there a connection between lack of collagen in my body and the fact that the ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM), otherwise known as Biofilm, is built from collagen also? Selfdecode explains that:

 ‘The ECM is composed of two components, proteoglycans, and fibrous proteins. Collagen, elastins, fibronectins, and laminins are all fibrous proteins making up the scaffolding in the ECM.’

Question is, when we feed our bodies with these proteins we are deficient in, are we feeding the biofilm? My guess is yes, that’s why we have to take the other medications at the same time.

  • Whey Protein and yogurt are the only dairy products I use in my diet, though occasionally I might try something that I didn’t realise contains dairy – I don’t worry too much as I do not have a dairy intolerance, I just know the Ropeworm love it.
  • Whey protein is an acception to my dairy rule, as for some reason it appears to loosen Ropeworm – I usually pass a lot of RW a couple of hours after drinking the shake – this may be due to the powerful immune boosting and detoxing properties of Whey Protein;

‘The biological components of whey, including lactoferrin, beta lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptide, and immunoglobulins, demonstrate a range of immune-enhancing properties. In addition, whey has the ability to act as an antioxidant, antihypertensive, antitumor, hypolipidemic, antiviral, antibacterial, and chelating agent’. You can read about this here.

  • Yogurt is another exception, as it is fermented. I use Goats milk yogurt and only have a tablespoon or 2 a day.

At 12.00 I take: 

250mg of Fenbendazole 

  • This is a pharmaceutical anti parasite medication, used by many MD sufferers. It is popular partly due to it’s low toxicity. Protocols can be found on FB at Mold and Morgellons protocol support forum. Always follow a protocol and research first.
  • I do not take many medications these days, I have tried many things that have helped but I find that without Fenbendazole, MD symptoms always return. Fenbendazole is not a cure for MD, but without it I think I would be in despair. 

250mg of Disulfiram (AKA Antabuse).

  • This is a pharmaceutical antimicrobial medication, used in this context to treat Lyme Disease and Co-infections of. Protocols can be found on FB at Disulfiram for Lyme Support Group
  • Disulfiram is not an antibiotic.
  • I took DSF for about a month as a standalone treatment without Fenbendazole but I found that as a standalone treatment DSF did not help MD skin symptoms, but it did remove the Ropeworm very violently, and I concluded that it is a very good biofilm buster, I feel it works well alongside Fenbendazole, possibly potentiating it’s ability to penetrate tissue.
  • Disulfiram has some side effects associated with it, regarding copper metabolism. It is also traditionally used as an alcohol addiction therapy medication, which means alcohol and all alcoholic related products must be avoided. Directions from a practitioner or online forum should be observed before embarking upon its use.

I would not take any of the above medications without the adjunctive use of mimosa pudica, or other binder such as Psyllium and Bentonite shakes, as the Ropeworm / Biofilm needs assistance in it’s removal. My previous attempts to fight MD have failed predominantly due to overlooking this.

The following nutritional supplements:

2,000 mg vitamin C with Bioflavonoids which improve absorption.

  • For immune boosting but also to support Methylation

50mg zinc.

  • For immune boosting but also to support potential copper toxicity relating to Disulfiram usage

130mg Desiccated Thyroid Glandular 

  • I am hypothyroid, but not clinically diagnosed which is a common problem when relying on bloodwork alone. I assess my levels using Bioresonance.
  • This can be purchased without prescription at

100mg SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine)

  • To support Methylation – S-adenosylmethionine boosts the master antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione guards the liver against different chemicals, toxic metabolites, and oxidative stress.

150mg Molybdenum – to assist with potential copper toxicity associated with Disulfiram usage.

At around 14.00 I take:

3 or 4 x Mimosa Pudica capsules – these are taken about an hour after lunch.

At around 15.00 I take:

250,000 IU Serrapeptase

  • Must be taken on an empty stomach. I believe it’s important to use a high dose to break through the biofilm in gut.
  • Proteolytic Enzymes are used to thin the blood, remove toxic debris and lower Fibrinogen. Ropeworm and Biofilm is often associated with high levels of Fibrinogen and could be contributing to arterial plaques and Atherosclerosis. Addressing this is particularly important when detoxing as the byproducts of detoxing can cause this issue to worsen.
  • My Fibrin levels are high and Atherosclerosis is a multisystemic issue, particularly in cerebral arteries according to my Bioresonance results. I feel my tinnitus is related to this.

‘Serrapeptase is fibrinolytic, which means it digests excessive amounts of the protein known as fibrin. Fibrin causes the blood to clot or become sticky. The more fibrin, the greater the risk of heart attack or poor circulation. If one is able to keep fibrin levels under control, one prevents excessive stickiness of the blood flow, hence heart attacks and strokes. This is one of the mechanisms by which one can dissolve atherosclerotic plaque with serrapeptase.’

At around 16.00 I take:

Probiotics, 10 strains.

  • Must be at least 10 Billion CFU’s, I keep refrigerated. I don’t bother with enteric capsulation.

At around 20.00 I take:

250mg of Fenbendazole

250mg of Terbinafine

  • Terbinafine is a pharmaceutical  anti-fungal medication, targeting multiple fungal infections including Microsporum Canis, a fungal pathogen frequently found in myself and other MD sufferers. Bioresonance began to show high levels of this when I began Disulfiram, which is when I added it to my protocol, recommended treatment is for 12 weeks, once daily. 
  • Microsporum Canis is commonly known as Ringworm though it is not a worm, and is often the fungal pathogen involved in toenail infection and athlete’s foot. According to Bioresonance the Microsporum infection in me was predominantly coming from the scalp, where I was finding MD fibres again (this had stopped after several years of Fenbendazole but I stopped the Fenben to try Disulfiram initially as a standalone treatment).
  • You may be able to get Terbinafine prescribed if you get a positive lab report from toenail clippings through your GP (do NOT mention MD to your GP, unless you wish to get a diagnosis of a mental health disorder such as D.O.P.).

The following Nutritional Supplements:

1,000mg Vitamin C

50mg zinc

130mg Desiccated Thyroid Glandular

100mg SAM-e

Around 22.00 I take:

3 or 4x Mimosa Pudica capsules.

Psyllium and Bentonite colon cleanse shake, with ¼ teaspoon of bamboo activated charcoal powder.

  • This varies, depending on how I am feeling, some days I feel I need one earlier, but generally I drink it night time and during the night if I wake up for the loo. It’s filling, so it  depends on what I have eaten, but also on how much Ropeworm activity I have. Swallowing Mimosa with a shake is what I do if I have a lot of Rope
  • worm activity in my throat / thyroid area – this usually drags it all down into the gut.

Thyroid and Throat Infestations

At weekends I have a break from Fenbendazole for several reasons:

  • I have had a side effect of using both Fenbendazole and Disulfiram, that is that my taste buds are affected, and I have a burning tongue. This shows on Bioresonance as Burning mouth syndrome, Geographic Tongue. But also elevated levels of Arsenic and potassium in the tongue. This creates a permanent salty/metallic/garlicy taste and anything sweet tastes salty and anything salty I cannot taste. My salivary glands are over producing and its quite an unpleasant experience. Disulfiram is a known metal chelator, and its interesting that the scanner picks up on Arsenic in my tongue, Arsenic is a soft metal. Quick search online shows high levels in coffee and peanuts.

I take Ivermectin (Drench) one or two days a week when I have a break from the other meds. I also use DMSO gel on my thyroid area before hand, and slowly sip the Ivermectin (mixed with a little juice or squash) – I am trying to get the Ivermectin to penetrate the oesophagus area, as this gets very infected with MD and Ropeworm/Biofilm. The DMSO flushes out biofilm, there is a lot of ‘goop’ excreted from that area about 10 minutes after applying, skin will feel soft again. As Well as flushing out MD from skin, DMSO is also a solvent and will transport whatever you take with it into tissue – for this reason it is a great tool;

‘In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, DMSO possesses the ability to rapidly and easily penetrate the skin. DMSO serves as a carrier to enhance the penetration of various agents through the skin into underlying synovial, connective, and interstitial tissues’

In the epiglottis Bioresonance picks up on Bacteroides Fragilis, Pseudomonas Pyocyanea (Bacteria), Cephalosporium (Fungus), Trichophyton Tonsurans (Fungus, another cause of Ringworm), Candida (Tertiary), Cladosporium Fulvum (Mould), Malassezia Furfur (Fungus), Dirofilaria (Protozoa).

It is clear that Bioresonance is not programmed with the frequency for Morgellons Disease, and Bioresonance is only as good as the frequencies it is programmed with, but there is possibly more fungal pathogens and mycotoxins than any other pathogens inside me. This is about the same for others I have scanned with MD.

Diet and Nutrition

I take digestive enzymes on the rare occasion that I eat foods with high protein or fat content to support my sluggish gallbladder, and also take Orlistat with most meals, due to the FL1953 and it’s love for fats. There’s a school of thought that points to the FL1953 as being a possible contender for the premier pathogen behind MD and Ropeworms. The mainstay of treatment for FL1953 is Doxy, Terbinafine and a fat free diet. A fat free diet is incredibly hard to follow and  has its consequences for chronically ill patients, as it can lead to low levels of fat soluble nutrients and consequent oxidative stress, so my diet is not entirely fat free but low fat.

More on the FL1953 and it’s protocol in my next post. 

Bioresonance in the small bowel area reveals the following Digestive Diseases: Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulosis, H.Pylori, Peptic Ulcers and various cancers. Contaminants in small bowel area are: Kolfugo Super (fungicide?). Okratoksin (mycotoxin), Fozat (herbicide), Aflatoxin (mycotoxin), Nitrites, Cadmium, T-2 Toxin (mycotoxin), Patulin (mycotoxin), Fozat BP (herbicide) and …. Surprise surprise…Mercury.

Regarding pathogens, here we find: Streptothrix, Beth Suttons Bar Fungus (I cant find any info on this but Steve Beddingfield seems to think its a slime mold), Helminthosporium and Flukes.

Mercury has a reputation for attracting fungus. Could that be why there are so many mycotoxins in the same area as Mercury? Is this where the fruiting body of the MD/Ropeworm/Biofilm inhabits? 

I have recently sent off sample for Urine Minerals and Toxic Elements test through Drs Data to establish metals. Results of this will be in a future post.

Joint Pain 

Since embarking on this protocol I have completely stopped taking anti inflammatories and painkillers, though I had some joint pain when starting Disulfiram. Joint pain is indeed a common complaint of those of us suffering with these insect vectored diseases, but when it increases on a protocol I find I take that as a Herxiemer response or ‘die off’, and a sure sign that that medication is working. 

My Bioresonance scan on the hyaline cartilage in my hips and knees where I get most of my pain, shows Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus, Microsporum, Aspergillus Niger (Fungal) and E.Coli. Pathomorphology reveals Fissures, Myositis, Bursitis, Oesteomyelitis (bone infection) and Osteoporosis. 

In the spine it reveals Osteonecrosis, benign bone tumours (I feel that these could be ropeworms), Spinal Stenosis and Fibrosarcoma. And in Lumbar vertebra (where there is always heavy infection when I medicate aggressively – I observe that the Ropes/Biofilm seem to retreat to this area, and emerge when medicating is stopped), Deoxynivalenol (mycotoxin), Sjogren’s syndrome (this shows up many places in my body) and Hypoparathyroidism.

Other Medications

Mucinex DM (over the counter tablets) is an amazing biofilm buster, and good for when the sinus, ears or throat are feeling particularly infected. Or anywhere deep tissue for that matter. I use it occasionally as it’s quite expensive and not available in the UK. Also the ‘DM’ (Dextromethorphan) aspect of this medication is key in penetrating into the biofilm, the importance of using the DM type of Mucinex (there are several types available) was driven home to my by the elderly ear Dr I saw in California, and true to his word I found the product that did not contain DM did not seem to work. I question whether the DM (NMDA receptor antagonist) in the product has an immobilizing effect on the biofilm, rendering it weaker for the Guaifenesin to penetrate. I have noticed the Ropeworm/Biofilm responds in this way to other anesthetics and opioids, it is susceptible, but devastating to my body when it wakes up again.

I did find that Gabapentin was very helpful to me for sleeping, but have stopped taking this for a few weeks now, my sleep pattern has significantly improved.

I take a low dose of beta blockers to assist with anxiety and related Tachycardia (POTS).

Future Medications to Integrate

I am awaiting my Urine Minerals and Toxic Elements results, which shall be my bassline for addressing Metal chelation. This I have wanted to do for many years as I and many others from the MD and LD community believe that the metals are the underlying reason why the cascade of chronic health begins, sadly metal chelation is not an easy task and one which has been too much of a challenge for me to tackle responsibly. Though I removed my Mercury Amalgam fillings about six years ago in Mexico, I did not further the removal of toxic metals. Bioresonance consistently suggests this is a problem for me in many areas of my body, including small bowel, gallbladder and also in the brain and bones.

Thankfully there is a new product that is known to chelate metals much more effectively, quickly and safely than previous chemicals such as EDTA and DMSA, which have various challenges associated with their use, and so I will incorporate the new product, known as Emeramide into my protocol.

I cannot divulge my source until I have tried it, but will also write a post about my experiences with Emeramide in the near future, please follow my blog if you want to make sure you read up on this, also please leave a comment in the comments section at the end of my post, I would love to hear what works or didn’t work for you. Many thanks and good health! 

Lu x

The information presented in my blog on this website does not constitute medical advice.

For more on my story please read my book – The Beast Lies Within, Secret Diary of a Morgellons Sufferer

If you have found this post helpful, please consider donating to Ropeworm research

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