Future Diagnosticism

Have you heard of Bioresonance?

You should have heard of it by now, as it has been around for a relatively long time and it’s very smart……

Bioresonance is also know as vibrational medicine or electrodermal testing. Although this technology is cutting-edge, its science is rooted a fundamentally primitive principle – i.e. that everything on earth has a resonating frequency.

I first heard of Bioresonance as a diagnostic tool when learning about VEGA – a technology available in the UK over a decade ago, but Bioresonance has come a very long way since then.

On one hand, it sounded nonsensical, but my ever-curious mind and degenerating body colluded and curiosity eventually won the day, it was a lifesaving experience. Had I not requested the scan, I might not be alive today. It was a bit scary though; the truth frequently hurts – especially when it tells you that you’re in trouble. I learned over time that, although Bioresonance can be very accurate, it is also very forgiving. I will tell you why…

Preventative Medicine

After being scanned various times in Mexican clinics and also spending over two years studying other people using Bioresonance technology (I had my first machine in the USA in 2012), I began to realise it was almost TOO accurate as I realised it could highlight something going wrong in a person’s body before it had manifested into a diagnosed condition. Therefore though, it has the exciting potential of being a preventative tool, as well as a diagnostic and healing tool. Truly revolutionary, if you ask me.

In the case of my own scans, the inconsistency of some results tied in with the rhythm of the various symptoms I was experiencing. For example, Staphylococcus might show in my brain one day and in my heart the next. This tied in with how I had been feeling – i.e. with a headache one day and chest pain and palpitations the next. It seemed to correlate with how pathogens and symptoms shift and wane around the body. After all we are ever-changing organisms and the Bioresonance should reflect that fact. The ‘over-accuracy’ of the tool was demonstrated when my diet went downhill around Christmas-time in the States. I had been eating products containing high fructose corn syrup and started to show signs of early stage diabetes type 2. This disappeared when I returned to a healthier diet in the UK. (Shameful I know: that was then, this is now!).

My results showed very advanced Atherosclerosis throughout my body and particularly in my neck, the carotid arteries, and boy did I feel it. I felt like I was dying. It also showed Lyme Disease and all the various co-infections I had been diagnosed with so I was able to assess my progress throughout the years.

Of course, it was scary, but it helped me tremendously to see on paper what I was feeling in my body. It was a great comfort to pinpoint what was going wrong, before it was too late. I could also see that my gallbladder was harbouring numerous problems, such as calcification and various pathogenic infections. I went on to address these issues. Although it took time, I am grateful for the ‘heads up’ I had been given by using Bioresonance.

Is It Used By Doctors?

In some countries in Europe it is commonplace for clinics to use Bioresonance. This is also the case in many alternative therapy centres throughout Mexico and the USA (Mexico gains from American health tourism, and the clinics very advanced).

The science is rooted in fundamental physics:

“Similar to other electronic medical devices, bioresonance is a safe and gentle, non-invasive alternative therapeutic technique designed on the premise that all particles of matter generate electromagnetic energy. In humans and other animals, this electromagnetic energy is continually resonating out from the body in oscillations of varying wavelengths and frequencies, which can be detected, amplified, graphed, and examined. Electronic therapeutic devices — including ultrasounds, electroencephalography (EEG), and bioresonance – are all designed to detect and record these oscillating electromagnetic waves. EEGs, in particular, operate in a similar fashion to bioresonance. More specifically, the cells of the brain communicate with each other and other parts of the body through electrical impulses sent along electronically excitable cells known as neurons.”https://bioresonance.com/the-science-behind-bioresonance/

History Behind Bioresonance

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a well-respected methodology founded on more than 5,000 years of Chinese medical history. The basis of bioresonance is founded on similar concepts. One of these concepts is qi (pronounced “chi”), which is considered a vital force (life force) or spiritual energy responsible for controlling the workings of the human mind and body. If qi is blocked, pain, dysfunction and disease can result. Imbalances in the flow of qi cause illness, while correction of this flow restores the body to balance. In the 1950s, Dr Reinhold Voll discovered it was possible to test electrical skin resistance and gain information about a person’s chi in a completely non-invasive way. This marked the beginning of electrodermal screening. Traditional methods in bioresonance were developed in the late 1970s by a German physician, Dr Fanz Morell.


However, try to find out about Bioresonance online and you’ll be greeted with a barrage of accusations of ‘quackery’ and debunking sites that attempt to discredit the evidence of its efficiency. This is despite the fact that it has no more quackery than an ultrasound or EEG:

“The EEG is a non-invasive procedure that measures this electrical activity of the brain through the use of small metal discs placed on the surface of the scalp, called electrodes. Brain waves are then detected, amplified, and displayed as a graph on the monitor. These waveform graphs are then evaluated for any abnormalities. Bioresonance operates in a similar fashion, using non-invasive techniques to measure the electromagnetic oscillations of various areas of the body and explore for potential disease or illness in the form of abnormal wave oscillations. Healthy functioning cells and organs tend to emit harmonious wavelength oscillations that fall between 10Hz and 150kHz [2]. When illness or disease is present, normal cell and organ function is obstructed, the resonance of harmonious electromagnetic oscillations is impeded, and, thus, disharmonious electromagnetic oscillations are emitted. Pathological oscillations that are likely to be indicative of disease or illness can be quantified using a computer program, which uses an algorithm to compare wavelengths and frequencies to pre-existing measurements gathered from unhealthy cells and organs [3].”.https://bioresonance.com/the-science-behind-bioresonance/

Therapeutic Application

Bioresonance techniques can also be used therapeutically. With more than 40 years of research behind it, THERA WELLNESS™ technology from Bicom is at the cutting edge of vibrational medicine.

THERA WELLNESS™ combines ancient eastern medicine traditions with modern-day science, turning them into a potent new energy wellness machine and healing therapy effective for a great number of common lifestyle issues.

What to expect during your visit?

Before the test, the consultant will ask you to remove any metal from your pockets, etc.  You won’t need to take off any clothes and you will sit comfortably and relaxed in a chair. Special headphones will be placed over your head and these will pick up the various body frequencies, selected by the consultant, via your brain by light technology. You can watch the scanning process on a laptop screen.
After about 40 minutes of a full body scan, the consultant will analyse the readings and from your results they will indicate to you the recommended Bioresonance therapy using Thera Wellness Bioresonance Technology. The consultant may offer further recommendations regarding nutritional health and advise which supplements may benefit your health goals. The initial appointment will take around 90mins.

Further Treatments

Bioresonance is recommended to be repeated to achieve more permanent results, therefore with most health problems and conditions it is recommended to be between 3 to 6 sessions. The initial appointment will be longer but further appointments will be for approximately one hour.

Please contact me here to book a consultation or find out more.


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  1. Cristianne avatar

    Wow! – thank you so much, great work and a pleasure to read, engulfing. I am to share for sure. Also hit home as feeling blockages of Qi, although you know some of these things it is also I feel so important to have the message sent to you, to remind you. Recently stepped aside from a very controlling relationship – And healing. My sister has had a barrage fatal illnesses and has pulled through all of them like a warrior. Being an alternative soul, found it gravely difficult to face the system you are pushed into with chemo,removal and random commissioned driven meds. I need to share with her for sure. So thank you for being the angel today and for passing your knowledge this way.

    1. admin avatar

      Thank you Cristianne for your kind words, hope you and your sister are well?

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