#COVID19 and the Dance of the Rats

Living in social housing, the tension can be felt amongst us like a simmering ghetto stew.

A Break from the Grind.

Nestled in my flat deep within the British working class families self isolating here, tension is very tangible at the best of times. Refreshingly there is a lot of positivity in the air despite the 2 metre physical distancing, people are smiling. People surely must be benefiting psychologically from not having to slave everyday, from having more of that greatest commodity that usually seems to evade us; time.


The upside to this pandemic situation is that I have had some practice: I have been playing lead role in an apocalyptic melt down of sorts for some time now, mentally at least, I am as prepared as I will ever be as I am no stranger to bio weaponized diseases having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

COVID19 has made an already nightmarish health situation become daunting to manage, as shipping of health supplements and medications to treat Lyme Disease and its many co infections that come with it,  is severely disrupted, and in many cases completely come to a halt. Everything I have to buy is from abroad. As far as being organised, well I have to admit despite my suspicions of a pandemic about to be bestowed upon us, I am not as organised as I would like to be. I have been hoarding medications for a while, but as for my reliable veterinary medication Fenbendazole (fenben), I have run out.

Debunking the Debunkers

The link between COVID19 and 5g has not gone unnoticed, but despite the facts being there for us all to see, it’s not being discussed, and the reason? Because we are all afraid of being seen as conspiracy theorists? Trussed up and silenced by fear of humiliation. Then there’s the debunking sites, sites such as SNOPES who in my opinion are a danger to society – these organisations see themselves as the internet’s ‘voice of reason’ in our society, I see them as a form of very powerful social control.
Debunk the debunkers I say.

Disease ‘X’

In October 2019 I wrote an article about my research into Disease X – a hypothetical pandemic that the vaccine giants, such as Bill Gates, proposed might cause a pandemic. They hypothesized that this might be a virus. Bill Gates actually said himself ‘the money is in the vaccines’, and ‘there’s a 20 to one return’.

COVID19 is devastating and my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones in these desperate times, and give respect to the thousands of key workers and ordinary staff out on the frontline making sure people are kept alive and societies carry on functioning. But I myself and so many others online, seem to smell a rat and I can’t help feeling like it’s a multifarious rat at that.

To me it’s more than just a vaccine push, it’s a catalyst for implementing all the changes required for Agenda21, Agenda2030 and now Agenda2050 (yes it’s running behind schedule and they need to hurry up) to begin.

Agenda 21, Smell a Rat?

Agenda21 uses all the right terminology, with key phrases such as ‘sustainable development’, it appears to have the climate and the people’s best interest at heart, but many feel it uses the climate catastrophe as bait. Those that question the true intentions behind this plan, which is described as voluntary and non-binding but carries with it serious consequences for countries who do not comply to it’s recommendations, are portrayed as right wing. But that’s not how it looks out there when I do my research, it seems to me that you don’t have to be from any common denominator to smell a rat.

Perhaps the only way to command such radical changes such as those outlined in the Agendas proposals to come into action, and the oldest way, is of course through fear. Fear is what they have got there’s no doubt about that, but what is the next move one wonders?

After crashing the economy which basically means destroying the working class, we have already become very vulnerable and at the mercy of the powers that be, we may many of us have no choice but to accept the aid that the government offers us. I suspect this will involve rounding us up in smaller condensed social housing, taking away private ownership and control of distribution of wealth (as per Agenda).

I have wracked my brain for many years now as to how I can help defy this sinister cabalistic ‘event’ I feel I’m watching unfold, but alas, I have to admit I am kept occupied managing my existing health problems to even contemplate defying any more.

For this I have decided to forgive myself…  Lyme, Morgellons and all the other weaponised pathogens, are not something I asked for, not something I gave my permission to be bestowed with, it’s hard, I am alone and immune compromised.

Meanwhile, Britain is just about managing to stay calm, give or take a few supermarket riots, and I hope this continues, because at times like this we have a choice: one for all or all for one.

Featured Image: Plague – Dance of the Rats. Unknown Flemish artist 17th century.

Further reading:

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