Bioresonance With THERA WELLNESS Bicom Technology

THERA WELLNESS™ combines ancient eastern medicine traditions with modern-day science, turning them into a potent new energy wellness machine and healing therapy effective for a great number of common lifestyle issues.

At the heart of THERA WELLNESS™ technologies is the THERA WELLNESS™ device which can be applied across a wide range of existing healthcare disciplines to increase the effectiveness of any holistic clinic.

Highly effective, with results in just a few sessions
40 Years on innovation
Made In Germany

Who can benefit from this type of therapy?

It is recommended for everyone, it can work alongside your current medical treatments and does not attempt to replace your consultations with your GP or medical practitioner. Clients often visit me who have not been able to find answers through mainstream medicine.

What to expect during your visit?

Before the test, the consultant will ask you to remove any metal from your pockets, etc.  You won’t need to take off any clothes and you will sit comfortably and relaxed in a chair. Special headphones will be placed over your head and these will pick up the various body frequencies, selected by the consultant, via your brain by light technology. You can watch the scanning process on a laptop screen.
After about 40 minutes of a full body scan, the consultant will analyse the readings and from your results they will indicate to you the recommended Bioresonance therapy using Thera Wellness Bioresonance Technology. The consultant may offer further recommendations regarding nutritional health and advise which supplements may benefit your health goals. The initial assessment may take around 90mins which can include a short therapy session.

Bioresonance is also therapeutic.

Several therapeutic options suggested by the software according to your results will be discussed with you, and vibrational medicine may applied during your first appointment to help improve your health. Based on the results of your scan you may choose to schedule another appointment in order for the consultant to repeat these therapies and to prepare an individualized plan incorporating diet and supplements and to continue assessing your progress towards better health. Either during the scan, or after the analysis is complete, you can ask any questions regarding your health and we will endeavor to answer these questions.

Further Treatments

Bioresonance is recommended to be repeated to achieve more permanent results, therefore with most health problems and conditions it is recommended to be between 3 to 6 sessions. The initial appointment will be longer but further appointments will be for approximately one hour.

Contact Me:

Please contact me here for further info or to book an appointment.

Further reading and data regarding Bioresonance:

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