Welcome to Waverly Wellness.

Having conquered my own health challenges with the support of Bioresonance therapy, my knowledge surpasses what was gained from my formal education. I am committed to understanding some of the root causes of illness.

I am also familiar with the subtle symptoms of what can be termed “invisible illnesses”. Although your doctor may be unable to pinpoint the cause of these illnesses, Bioresonance may provide you with some answers. Contributory factors can include nutritional imbalances, environmental toxins and genetic differences in your ‘make-up’. 

In my blog, I outline topics I found to be of great interest during my ongoing research into Lyme Disease and its related conditions. My intention is to reveal some enlightening facts and thought-provoking concepts. I hope to highlight positive ways to improve our health by changing our lifestyle, diet and by educating ourselves about minimising toxic exposure. The idea is to work towards an improved quality of life.

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