Bioresonance Technology

Bioresonance is also know as vibrational medicine or electrodermal testing. Although this technology is cutting-edge, its science is rooted a fundamentally primitive principle – i.e. that everything on earth has a resonating frequency. It can scan all your organs and systems, including: Thyroid gland, lungs, lymphatic system, heart, cardio-vascular system, liver, kidneys, uterus, ovaries, prostate, breast, intestine, pancreas, and much more. It will show the level of nutrients and micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, candida etc.

Who can benefit from this type of test?

It is recommended for everyone, it can work alongside your current medical treatments and does not attempt to replace your consultations with your GP or medical practitioner. Clients often visit me who have not been able to find answers through mainstream medicine.

What to expect during your visit.

Before the test, the consultant will ask you to remove any metal from your pockets, etc. You won’t be asked to remove clothes and you will sit comfortably in a relaxing chair. Special headphones will be placed over your head and these pick up the various body frequencies selected by the consultant, via your brain, by laser technology. You can watch this scanning process live on a laptop in front of you. The experience is non invasive and is entirely comfortable. After about 30 minutes of a full body scan, the consultant will analyse the readings with you and email or print your results. The appointment in total will last around 1 hour.

Bioresonance is also therapeutic.

Several therapeutic options suggested by the software according to your results will be discussed with you, and can may be applied during your first appointment to help improve your health. Based on the results of your scan you may choose to schedule another appointment in order for the consultant to repeat these therapies and to prepare and individualised plan incorporating diet, supplements and to continue assessing your progress towards better health. Either during the scan, or after the analysis is complete, you can ask any questions regarding your health and we will endeavor to answer these questions. A nutritional therapy consultation costs just £40.00 and Bioresonance consultation with scan costs £79.00… this offer is available to new clients only. Please contact me here to book an appointment at Holistic Zone in Poole Dorset, for a Bioresonance scan using the ‘Hunter 4025NLS.’ HZ18Logo_100mm

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